Potter’s Place Mission Guest House offers accommodations and meeting facilities for training gathering, retreats, or seminars for Christian groups.

If you are looking for an opportunity to explore the Hastings street Ministry, this is a great opportunity for you and your group.

It is a valuable opportunity for your church’s youth, young adults and leadership groups to experience the Hastings street Ministry.

Our Values

We are a Christian organization dedicated to transform the Downtown East Side through the power of God. That is, to see the street people come out of their present situation of hopelessness and loss of self-worth, as evidence by their poverty, continual welfare dependency, involvement in substance abuse and addiction, prostitution and high suicidal tendencies, and have their lives restored for the glory of God.

Our guesthouse is adjacent to and integrated with our church where our staff and volunteers represent a community where prayer, devotions and worship make up a regular pattern of our daily life.